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July 13, 2010 / Joe Osborne

Tales From the Con: MIX 10 Preview Edition

So, Microsoft is sending me off on another whirlwind adventure in a few days. This time I’m headed to Las Vegas, Nevada for Microsoft’s MIX 10 this Monday the 15th to the 17th (and it’s going to be beautiful). Being a guy who is infinitely intrigued by tech and web (not to mention the Expression Insider), why wouldn’t I be at Microsoft’s annual web design conference?

Tom Zeigman and Jeremy Bray, the IT and Windows Student Insiders respectively, will be live blogging the keynotes with myself for all to see what goes down first hand. Expect to be able to join in on our discussions (and quirkiness) as it happens, but more details on how we’ll be handling this later this weekend.

While the three of us will be recapping you each day on the happenings of the conference, tune into Microsoft’s Channel 9 for exclusive video coverage and features throughout the festivities. Remember to install Silverlight  to watch the events as they unfold beginning this Monday at 10:30 a.m. EST.

Join me behind the cut for a bit more info on what I’ll be up to specifically at MIX 10 and don’t worry, nothing stays in Vegas on this trip. 

I’ll have the chance to speak with industry leader, principal researcher at Microsoft and author of Sketching User Experiences Bill Buxton. Bill has written numerous essays on everything from ubiquitous computing to CG animation to mountaineering. It’ll be more than interesting to hear his thoughts on the state of web and application design in 2010, especially considering how ubiquitous technology has become with the rise of mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and e-book readers.

Throughout the course of the conference I’ll be sure to take in all I can get concerning the Windows Phone 7 OS such as game and Silverlight app development for the platform. let’s cross our fingers for some hands on time!

For you bloggers out there (including myself) I’ll be attending a session on creating an effective WordPress theme and CMS using Expression Web 3. Also expect some Silverlight coverage with Silverlight 4 well into its beta. To top it all off, I hope to bring you guys and gals some interesting details  on creating intuitive user experiences and the future of Internet Explorer.

Stay tuned next week  to Geekadelphia for extensive coverage of MIX 10 and a chance to join us as the keynotes happen. For up to the minute updates on the goings on of the conference, I’ll be tweeting my heart out from the moment I walk into the Mandalay Bay!


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