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July 13, 2010 / Joe Osborne

Tales From the Con: MIX 10 Day Three Recap

Day three of MIX 10 was thankfully a bit more laid back than the previous days in that it was sans devastatingly loud music and neon flashes, however the same cannot be said for last night. MIX 10’s annual attendee party was held this time around in LAX, the underground night club within the lavishly laid-out Luxor Hotel.

And what a nerd-fest (in the best of ways)! Only at a party hosted by Microsoft would you overhear conversations about the beauty of NUI and Japanese business card culture amongst Ke$sha’s “Tik-Tok” reverberating about the place.

More on what went down this morning — and a Memento style flash back — after the jump.

Before we get into the Day Three experience, can I just say something (too bad, saying it anyway)? Dinner last night with the rest of the Academic Developer Evangelists was absolutely delicious with a capital “Yum!”

We wined — or ‘beered’ in my case — and dined at the Aureole in the Mandalay Resort and were joined by Technical Audience Marketing Lead Amy Conklin. We each ordered from their new Parallel Tasting Menu that ran the gamut from specially prepared lobster coupled with scallops to a strip of kobe beef with an apple glazed beef dish. The point of the menu was to illustrate how two seemingly distinct dishes can actually host similar flavors. Not sure if I buy all of it, but that kobe did strangely have an apple kick after a while.

Alright, time warp over (yes, that means get out of the Delorean). Day Three mainly consisted of one thing: Twitter. Whether it was me and the other Insiders relentlessly ‘tweeting the deets’ — like you hipsters are saying these days —  or chatting it up with Twitter Platform Team member Raffi Krikorian on the Channel 9 stage about the Twitter geotagging API, visions of animated blue swallows and fail whales danced in our heads.

Raffi let us in on a layman’s version of how the Twitter geotagging API works, how Twitter are handling some of the recent security and spamming issues the platform has been wrestling with and some of the implications of adding the context of ‘where’ to our tweets. Krikorian says that Twitter is taking a “let the jerks be jerks” stance on how tightly the platform reigns in on privacy.

In other words, be sure you trust the people that you’re connected with deeply via Twitter if you’re the kind of chap who likes to keep the personal life close to the chest. This is due to the fact that the platform team doesn’t want to get involved with the slippery slope of privacy, according to Krikorian.

It’s fortunate that the platform team has at least made it so that geotagging is initially a conscious choice by the other through which he or she must toggle via a Twitter platform plug-in regardless of client be it Tweetie (personal favorite), Twitbird or etc.

I’m not gonna cry, I swore to myself I wouldn’t. MIX 10 is over. There, I said it (sniffle).

Joking aside, covering MIX 10 from the press tables to speaking with some of the most influential folks at Microsoft has been an amazing experience. Hey, hopefully some day I’ll be doing this type of thing for a living and thank you to Microsoft and the Academic Evangelist team (as well as Jessica Anderson and Amy Conklin) for preparing me for a now even more potentially brighter future.

Have any questions about my MIX 10 coverage or about the Microsoft Insiders Program? Follow me or send Geekadelphia an email at and I’ll be sure to answer in a following post or tweet. Until then!


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