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July 13, 2010 / Joe Osborne

DiNG iPhone Skins [Review] + a Chance to Win a Skin of Your Choice!

Since my iPhone 3G case snapped a few months ago, my poor little sidekick has been subjected to various surface scratches and bruises from resting it atop bar counters and restaurant tables aplenty. When DiNG contacted us recently to test drive their vinyl skins, I responded to said email with furious fingers at the chance at a new case with some style. Take a look after the cut for my impressions and a chance to win your very own DiNG!

After looking through their vast selection of artwork from some of today’s popular visual artists, designs for some pretty interesting bands (Mastodon skins?) and a wide array of patterns, I came across this piece by artist Alex Pardee titled “Narwhal“. Often considered a myth, the narwhal is basically an Artic-dwelling whale with a huge horn like tooth. To answer your burning question, this is confirmation that sea unicorns exist.

Ahem — back to the skin, sorry. The process for applying the skin is a simple as the videos describe, however my shaky hands couldn’t do that nearly as fast. Applying the back skin was a bit confusing at first with its several edges causing me to reapply the skin a few times. Thankfully the DiNG’s adhesive material kept up with my clumsy self where other skins would have given up after one go.

By the time I got my dirty mitts all over the back of the phone again, the cleaning cloth had dried up like a shriveled tissue. Just a bit more of the rubbing alcohol solution would have been nice for repeat applications.

Admiring the finished product is especially satisfying when you turn it in the light to take in the DiNG’s gloss coating. Not only is it shiny (and purrty), but it serves as a great defense against surface scratches. After giving mine a good couple slides across the table and seeing no visible damage, I know my phone is safe with DiNG.

Warning: I’m nearly 98 percent sure that DiNGs are not designed for those who suffer from butter fingers. In other words, don’t expect a DiNG to save your precious Blackberry or Macbook from that potential drop down a flight of stairs.

One last thing that DiNG seems to have missed is that the top of the backside skin covers the iPhone’s SIM card slot. While there aren’t going to be many times one would need to open it, I imagine it would be a nuisance to have to peel a bit of the skin back just to get your SIM card.

All things considered, DiNG skins are an attractive alternative for those who want to avoid putting their iPhone in a silicone bubble while maintaining a bit of scratch protection. Not to mention that for around $14.99 it doesn’t exactly break the bank to rock your favorite mobile device, game console or laptop in style.

Want to win a free DiNG courtesy of the DiNG team? Just take a look at the artwork and designs they have and tell us which is your favorite and why. Contest ends next Thursday, March 25th, so get to looking around!


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