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July 13, 2010 / Joe Osborne

Coffee Talk: How Many Rehashes is Enough?

It was announced this week that Square Enix will be bringing the two titles that started it all to iPhone: Final Fantasy I & II.  Let’s not even bother trying to deny that these two games, while generic and clunky to today’s standards, jump started the Japanese RPG revolution back in the early ’90s.  However, this being about the eighth time Square Enix has rehashed these titles, will gamers be willing to pay out again?

Of course, they will.

In all honesty (hear me out on this one), I’ll probably buy at least FFI, but why? While I haven’t completed every last Final Fantasy title and I don’t own a chocobo plushie, I consider myself a pretty major fan of the franchise and not to mention, FFI is one of my favorites from the series. However, it’s getting a bit tiresome having to buy the same game nearly eight times, wouldn’t you agree? Maybe not, but this is exactly why we have this column: to bicker discuss! We’ll have a little bit more of that after the jump.


Alright, so Squeenix (shorthand) always gives a little extra with every reiteration of the games such as beautiful new sprites, enhanced and remixed music and sometimes new dungeons to challenge even the most hardcore of Final Fantasy geeks. Despite these additions, nothing new happens. The Four Warriors of Light will still recover the four crystals and discover that (spoiler, highlight the following text to ruin it for yourself!) the first boss of the game, Garland, is actually an agent of the archfiends who duped them when he was sent back in time through a portal since he sent them into the future to do so. Thus, he could liver forever due a time paradox as the archdemon Chaos.

Pretty sweet twist for an NES game!

While there are several other developers and publishers who do this same thing every few years, Square Enix’s treatment of Final Fantasy I & II is a prime example of rehash fever. Perhaps it’s really not up to the developers (to be frank, I’m sure they’re sick of it), but the publisher’s decision to make a few extra bucks; ain’t nothing wrong with that.

So, if it’s an issue with cashing in every once in a while, why not maximize your earnings with not rehashes, but revivals or, better yet, ReBirths? That’s the way Capcom and Konami are headed and it essentially serves the same purpose while keeping things fresh. What more could both publishers and gamers ask for?

So, let’s face it: the rehash isn’t going anywhere fast. Let’s mix it up a bit shall we? We want to hear your thoughts on this, but let’s not stop there. Tell us your ideas for your dream revival of your favorite classic franchise. Is it an HD makeover? Maybe a total re-imagining of how the game is played? Perhaps a direct sequel to find out where your favorite characters are now. Maybe you like seeing the same game with newer sprites over and over again, nonetheless tell us!


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