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November 3, 2009 / Joe Osborne

Coffee Talk: Would You Buy A 3G DSi?


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata recently evoked his interest in a 3G Nintendo DSi in an interview with the Financial Times. His inspiration is the Kindle approach to 3G, which is to include the price of the network technology in the initial cost of the handheld rather than charge a monthly fee. Pocket Gamer feels Iwata’s goal seems to be to compete with the always-on connection of the iPhone, which is steadily becoming a competitor in the handheld games market with hit titles like Rolando and Doom: Resurrection along with some titles having online play.

So, would this addition (while increasing the price of the DSi) be what puts you over the fence to finally purchase a DSi or soon a DSi XL? Would this be a smart move for Nintendo to remain a competitor? If Nintendo were to implement 3G tech into the DSi, what would you like to see done differently (i.e. no friend codes) or do you think Nintendo may simply add the tech and be done with it? Not to be overly optimistic, but this is a chance for Nintendo to upgrade its internet functionality. Let’s talk about the possibilities in the comments!

(Image Via Cnet News)


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