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November 3, 2009 / Joe Osborne

Coffee Talk: Can Sex Add To Games (Part Deux)?

Heavy Rain Madison 1

Now, we all know that sex is a huge aspect of mainstream entertainment media, but have we been limiting ourselves in how we explore the tantalizing-yet-taboo topic? Quantic Dream, the ambitious development team behind Spring 2010’s Heavy Rain, will address this question through a controversial scene within their anticipated title. The sequence in question will force players to perform a strip tease for a slimy mob boss.

So, why would this be controversial, you ask? Well, any allusion to sex in video games is bound to get a rise out of the broadcast media outlets, but that’s besides the point. What’s potentially controversial is the developer’s approach to the whole idea of sex in video games. Quantic Dream hopes to address the psychology behind sex rather than merely the physical act. Find a bit more discussion and the opportunity to chime in after the break.


By tasking players with conducting this intentionally uncomfortable and even degrading sexual act, the guys and gals at Quantic Dream seem to hope to provide not only a mature entertainment experience, but perspective. Perspective in the form of testing gender roles as well as providing their audience the opportunity to experience something they may never suffer: sexual objectification.

The issue of sexual objectification has been prevalent in video games since Tomb Raider (and you could argue before even then) and, while developers like Bioware have been addressing in a somewhat tasteful manner, Quantic Dream wants to approach the issue head on. Is the way to approach the problem through gameplay? Are Quantic Dream taking the issue too far? How should the issue of sexual objectification in video games be addressed? You know where to go, so get on into that comment box and start typing!

(Images Via Gamespot and Pass Them Sticks)


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