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October 5, 2009 / Joe Osborne

Coffe Talk: Are We Ready For The PSP Go?


Before you say something like, “Is the pope Catholic?” Think about this question for a moment. Sony’s next iteration of the Playstation Portable (didn’t we just get one a year ago?), the PSP Go, is due out October 1st, but is it too soon? Surely, the systems have already been packaged and are waiting to be shipped, but are the consumers of the world ready?

The PSP Go is releasing with a price point of $250, which is only $50 less than an Xbox 360 Elite equipped with a 120 gigabyte hard drive, a robust online service/community and the ability to stream Netflix movies. This alone says something of Sony’s attack plan. More discussion after the break.


While the system is more powerful than its predecessors, Sony has deemed their Universal Media Disc (UMD) drive the way of the dodo and only plays games via download from an internet source. Only 62% of Americans have internet access in their homes as of this past June. Is this number enough to warrant a system based solely on the internet?

Was it a good idea on Sony’s part to release an internet based handheld to a consumer base that isn’t 100% (hell, even 80%) able to benefit? If Sony went with a different network model like 3G or 4G, how would things be different? Sound off in the comments section and let us know your sentiments for the PSP Go!


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