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September 7, 2009 / Joe Osborne

Coffee Talk: So, Disney Buys Marvel, What Now?


We’re sure you’ve heard the news already unless you’re paying rent and utilities for the rock you live under. Disney bought Marvel this past week for about $4 billion and the internet has been in an uproar ever since (did you really think we could resist?).

Could this effect your favorite Marvel characters and franchises? Most likely. So, enjoy your Spider-Man while he lasts! All joking aside, Marvel will still hold their 70-year-strong brand and their 5000+ characters will remain largely unaffected in the realm of comic books.

That being said, there are several licensing issues at hand when it comes to Marvel’s film and video game divisions that will take a while to iron out. Will the end result be witnessing Darkwing Duck and Captain America fight evil side-by-side? Not likely, but that’d be badass.

So, loyal readers, are you jumping for joy or already in tears? What do you think are the creative and financial possibilities of this merger? Sound out in the comments section.


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