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August 24, 2009 / Joe Osborne

Coffee Talk: Are You A Gamer’s Girl?


It’s safe to assume that at least 90% of you Geekadelphians are gamers of some level. It could also be safe to assume that a good majority of you have a special someone in your life whether it be a girlfriend, boyfriend or spousal unit. This week’s edition of Coffee Talk is dedicated to you, gamer’s guys and gals.

While perusing the web’s myriad gaming blogs I stumbled across this little gem in the Blogspot network. It’s author, known as The Gamer’s Girl, provides advice, anecdotes and amusement surrounding the life of being in love with a gamer. Take a gander and come back for this week’s discussion (and story time by yours truly).


Now that we’re on the subject of gamer’s in relationships, allow me to tell you a little story. As you may have deduced from my previous musings within Coffee Talk, I am a gamer (gasp!) and I do have a girlfriend (double gasp!). A beautiful, lovely and accepting one at that. Lauren’s not terribly interested in games, but one day decided to entertain my addiction interest in World of Warcraft and asked me to help her create a character and give it a shot.

We created a Human Priest because she liked the idea of healing her allies and I wanted a potential pocket healer if she ever reached the level cap. She began her journey by reducing the local wolf populace for the Northshire Abbey, a small monastery in the Elwynn Forest. Her quest was to slay said wolves and return with 8 of their teeth as proof. Here’s where things became interesting (and hilarious).

Lauren could simply not get over the fact that apparently not all wolves have teeth in the World of Warcraft. While this would be an entirely valid argument in the real world, the world of Azeroth follows a different set of rules or more accurately, game mechanics. After trying to explain this to her (for about 15 minutes), her interest in the game plummeted and with good reason.

The experience definitely opened my eyes to how ludicrous today’s video games can seem to people who haven’t touched a game since the glory days of Sonic the Hedgehog. To keep a long story short, we’ve stuck to games like Rock Band and Sonic the Hedgehog for now and have a grand time. Though, a level 8 Draenei Mage named Lichlady showed up on my log-in screen in World of Warcraft recently and I can’t explain how (they always come back).

This finally leads us to today’s discussion. Is your significant other a gamer or are you gamer who has been lucky enough to find a girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse who tolerates understands your passion? We’re sure you have some stories, so let us know in the comment box. Everyone loves story time.


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  1. T la / Aug 25 2009 8:21 pm

    Luckily my boyfriend is a gamer and so am I.

    We rent video games together, playing until early the next morning.

    I also got him into World of Warcraft.

    Of course, there are times when our gaming doesn’t click. Like when he wants to play NHL (UGH) so I just sit there and play WoW.

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