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July 28, 2009 / Joe Osborne

ThinkGeek Sells New Dreamcasts, Nerd Nostalgia Ensues


My first memory of the Sega Dreamcast is playing the Sonic Adventure demo with an old friend (the only one lucky enough to get a Dreamcast), trying to beat our best times during Christmas break way back in 1999. ThinkGeek, an online retailer of all things awesome, could bring these dear memories back to reality. The site is now selling new (that means the whole original shebang) Dreamcasts for $99.99. The systems for sale are the original North American models complete with the basic hardware (cords, controller, stuff like that), a demo disc (hopefully including that Sonic Adventure demo) and even the web browser software disc.

The catch, if you would call it one, is that you’ll need to provide your own games. If you’re trying to avoid the vast flea market that can be the internet or simply want to support a local video game retailer, two stores in the area come to mind. Got Game? on 600 South Street has a myriad of classic games including ones for the big swirl as well as the aptly named Game Store in the Franklin Mills Mall, which has a more limited selection and could be quite the trip. Hey, you might just get lucky and find an unopened copy of Shenmue for under $24.99.

Speaking of nostalgia, what are your fondest memories of the Sega Dreamcast? Was it first interacting with Seaman? How about witnessing the birth of quick-time events in Shenmue? Let us know in the comment box!

(Via Joystiq)


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