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July 28, 2009 / Joe Osborne

Steampunk Flash Drive is Awesome, But Sadly Not Steam Powered


Now, we Geekadelphians have witnessed some great works of steampunk artwork and craft, but what you see above is the fusion of art and practicality. Yep, that’s Etsy user cerriousdesign’s steampunk style flash drive, folks and it can be yours for just $40 from Etsy. Well, the price may be ridiculous a bit steep, but numbers mean nothing to a true fan of steampunk.

So what is it, really? Under the laser cut, rusted metal is a 4 GB Sandisk retractable flash drive. It’s also equipped with an orange activation light to give it an eerie feel as if you found it in a ghost town. Said ghost town would be fictional, of course, as the steampunk era never actually occurred. Bummer.

Alright, we know you’re thinking, “Couldn’t I get tetanus from handling this thing?”

We seriously doubt the rust is real. Besides, Etsy could suffer some serious legal issues if it were real. So, there’s no way it’s real rust, right? Right?

(Via Engadget and Geeky Gadgets)


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