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July 28, 2009 / Joe Osborne

So, Remember Those ‘New’ Dreamcasts We Mentioned?


As you may remember, we enlightened you guys on ThinkGeek selling a large stock of never-opened Sega Dreamcasts a little while ago. Well, according to a tip sent to Destructoid, some of these consoles may not be exactly mint condition. ThinkGeek recently apologized publicly for the two cases (out of who knows how many sold) of tainted Dreamcast consoles and promises to deal with future cases in the same fashion.

So, if you do happen to buy one of these possibly used consoles from ThinkGeek (which are still in stock), don’t fret. If you simply contact them about your issue, it seems they will more than happily refund your purchase or replace your console. We just figured we would warn our fellow Geekadelphians in advance. Also, lets us know if you find a copy of Power Stone 2. That game rocked.

(Story Via Joystiq and Destructoid)


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