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July 28, 2009 / Joe Osborne

PopCap releases Peggle for WoW, addiction levels reach over 9000


Who rolls for mad lootz anymore? Obviously the team at PopCap doesn’t, as the company has released a Peggle add-on for World of Warcraft yesterday and have it available for download here. WoW Insider got an early hands-on with the ambiguously addictive mini game and its World of Warcraft tailored features. Their verdict: it’s just as deceivingly entertaining and obsessive as the real deal.

Peggle for WoW is perfect for killing time while waiting for a raid to start, but arguably most important is its “/peggleloot” command, which allows the Master Looter of a raid to engage raid members (who have the program) in a shoot-off for the highest scores. This sounds like a much better method of deciding who gets that next epic battle axe than typing “/roll” with disdain into the chat box.

So if you’re as addicted to Peggle as we are and equally as hooked on World of Warcraft (as Tim and I are), then give it a shot and hopefully revolutionize the way your guild dishes out the purples. Besides, the DKP system is so Everquest.

(Via WoW Insider)


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