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July 28, 2009 / Joe Osborne

Coffee Talk: Take a Wild Guess


We have a strange hunch you guys might know what this week’s discussion topic is (see image above). If you guessed “E3 impressions”, you’re right on the money! I’ll start with claiming that this year’s E3 trumped last year’s in almost every way. Ahem, I’m looking at you, Nintendo.

With major announcements from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony as well as some of the most renowned independents, what more could you ask for (price cuts)? A few announcements and first-looks that excited me the most include Final Fantasy XIV, of course. Now, don’t claim that I’m all up in a hussy about some CG trailer, as it includes some footage using Square-Enix’s new gameplay engine. More of my impressions as well as (ideally) what you think after the break.


Another title that I am absolutely going nuts over is Scribblenauts, 5th Cell’s Nintendo DS title scheduled to release this fall under Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. We’re not sure of the tech behind it all, but in layman’s terms: you can create almost anything in this game using written words in order to solve open-ended puzzles. For example, writing the words “flying car” would most likely create exactly what you expect in-game. Who knew the little touch screen had it in him?

Lastly, Microsoft, with the help of Peter Molyneux, just raised the bar with Project Natal and Milo. We’re sure you’ve heard, but if you haven’t: click that link immediately as we cannot do it justice with words. To briefly explain, Project Natal is Microsoft’s new motion control/capture hardware which consists of a single web cam-esque device. Milo is one of the most advanced emotional artificial intelligence programs created to date and is accessed by players using this new motion control hardware.

So, those are my top three revealings of E3, let us know what you were wowed by (or not so much) this year in our nifty comment box below.

(Images Via Joystiq and Playstation Lifestyle)


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