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July 28, 2009 / Joe Osborne

Coffee Talk: Bring Me Back To The Good Old Days, Hollywood


I apologize, my fellow Geekadelphians, for the lack of “Coffee Talk” last week . Condensing a semester’s worthof material into a four week study abroad session combined with endless day trips and bus tours can be unforgiving (everything is under control… for now). On to the discussion!

We assume you know Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the sequel to 2007 theatrical debut of the robots in disguise, released June 24th. It’s also safe to assume that you either A) have seen the movie already or B) have read or seen the reviews. Personally, I have yet to see it (currently across the pond in Ireland) and after reading Rotten Tomatoes’ verdict I am afraid to part with the $10.50 (10.50, rather) to see it in theaters.

Knowing how the original film was publicly and critically accepted, what gives? Maybe Michael Bay simply dropped the ball on this one (hold your fire) or maybe the script could have been passed over a few more times. Regardless of what caused this film to flop critically, the movie has clearly succeeded commercially with a draw of over $200 million in less than a week.

So, was it merely hype and expectations that carried this release or the Transformers franchise itself? Obviously, these films carry the clout of nostalgia about them, which can lead to their commercial success, but what do you think, Geekadelphians? Do you feel that these memories should be left untainted by modern technologies and interpretations or do you simply enjoy reliving the good ‘ol days? Also, let us know what you thought of the film or its reviews. Let your voices be heard, loyal readers, in the comment box below.


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