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July 28, 2009 / Joe Osborne

Cheap PC Runs Crysis, NASA Technology No Longer Needed


Still believe that it takes HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey to run 2007’s Crysis at acceptable settings? Well, it may not be that bad these days, as Maximum PC just built a rig that can run Crytek’s monster child on its highest video settings at 36FPS. The PC-building pros put together the (somewhat) affordable machine seen above for $509 before a few rebates, which brought the damage down to a reasonable $479.

Still skeptical? Good, because the $500 rig was tested on Windows XP and DirectX 9 since Windows’ superior previous OS doesn’t support DirectX 10 and its fancy doodads. All catches aside, this cheap setup will get the job done (hell, it runs Unreal Tournament 3 at 122FPS) for any PC title on the market today as well as keep up with the Joneses for two months a good, long while.

Keep in mind, these prices are solely for the bare necessities. Assuming you have a spare monitor in the house, a keyboard and mouse lying around the pad, along with a copy of Windows XP, you’re good to go for just 500 green ones!

(Via Maximum PC)


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