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July 28, 2009 / Joe Osborne

Blizzard Opens Starcraft II Beta Opt-In, Internet Zergs


The wait is over, RTS fans. Joystiq recently reported that Blizzard (a little developer from Irvine, California) has just opened the beta opt-in for their long (and we mean long) awaited sequel to Starcraft. It’s been 11 years, which is almost as long as we have been waiting for Starcraft: Ghost, so any Starcraft II news is good news at this point.

You can head over to the new, make a new account or update your existing one, download the application program and wait for an invitation. What does the program do exactly? Why, it scans your system specifications and sends them to Blizzard, of course (oh, joy)!

It’s safe to assume that the selection process is based upon system specs, but we don’t know for sure. Maybe selection is based on how loyal a customer you have been (please, for all that is holy). I can’t speak for the rest of the Geekadelphia team, but my laptop isn’t the fanciest gaming rig. My little HP could run Starcraft II… I promise!

(Via Joystiq)


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