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July 28, 2009 / Joe Osborne

Archaia Studios Press is Back, Mice Continue Wielding Battle Axes


If you find well drawn mice in capes adorable yet bad ass and haven’t read David Petersen’s Mouse Guard, it is required you catch up. Comic Book Resources chatted recently with Archaia Studios Press (publisher of Mouse Guard) as well as its new parent media firm, Kunoichi about the publisher’s past, its recent rebirth, and its future plans.

Archaia Studios Press, based out of Kearny, New Jersey, was acquired by Kunoichi in 2008 and has since suspended production to rework its business model with the media gurus. Now, Archaia Studios Press feel it’s ready to resume production and distribution of its several titles including Jacamon and Matz’s The Killer (soon to become a film, go figure) and O’chua and Sheikman’s Robotika (but most importantly Mouse Guard).

Archaia Studios Press will continue releasing the (somewhat) monthly series of Mouse Guard this month with Issue 6 of the “Winter 1152” story arc. Check your local comic store if you’re interested in some rodent warrior action!

(Via Comic Book Resources)


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